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Welcome to the SFC Journey Website

Welcome to Saint Frances Cabrini's Young Adult Website. We welcome you to visit any of the resources and especially to visit our Facebook (Link at bottom of page), as well as get in touch with us via our contact form! For more information on our group be sure to check out the About Page.

Learn a Bit About Mary.

Have you ever thought to yourself "I'm a pretty faithful catholic, but this is definitely a topic I couldn't really explain if someone asked me?"
Well, one that comes up a lot is about Mary. Did you know that there have only been two "Infallible Statements" in the history of the church... and they BOTH have to do with Mary? It seems that she must be a pretty important person, so here we have a video brought to you by Busted Halo, and we think it is quite important to get this message out.
So, stop procrastinating and learn the faith so when someone asks "I'm not really into the whole Mary thing" you can explain a little bit.
God bless you and Welcome to Saint Frances Cabrini - Journey!

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